Configured to
increase your
clinical efficiency.

Canon Medical Systems' industry-leading RADREX-i digital radiography systems meet clinical efficiency and image quality demands that today's healthcare facilities need.
With an array of unique, fully integrated capabilities plus seamless IT integration, and ergonomic features, RADREX-i systems address your healthcare challenges and provide a better standard of care for your patients.

Advanced RADREX-i Capabilities

  • RexView™:
  • Places control room functions at tableside
  • RexPanel:
  • Automates processes and streamlines procedure workflow
  • RexSpeed:
  • Expands system flexibility to facilitate out-of-bucky exams

RADREX-i Overview

Enhance Patient Safety with RexView

RexView provides unequaled patient safety with tableside review. You do not have to wait in the control room for images to be displayed any longer. Now you can leave the control room immediately after the exposure and accept or reject the image at the tube side. This allows you to increase your time with the patient to help enhance patient safety.
  • Exam Room Image Preview
  • Patient Information Display
  • Color LCD Touch Panel
  • Access Generator Programs
  • Rotating Display Mechanism
  • Transfer Images to PACS


With the push of a button, the overhead tube crane moves to its highest position, allowing patients to comfortably step off the exam table.


Automatically coordinates X-ray tube and detector movement, eliminating time and labor-intensive, manual adjustments.


Automatically selects the correct collimation size for the programmed field-of-view, saving crucial time for the patient and technologist.

Auto-Center Stop

Collimator positioning software provides convenient visual guidance for fast, accurate and easy centering of the detector.


Once a patient is selected from the work list, workflow is streamlined by automatically acquiring the proper Anatomic Program Control (APC) with customizable settings.

Achieve Efficiency with REXPanel

Providing comprehensive coverage for all your digital imaging requirements, Canon Medical Systems' wireless detector "REXPanel" allows you to perform a wider range of exams with more flexibility.
Whether you're performing wheelchair, gurney, or tabletop examinations, you and your patients will appreciate the flexibility afforded by the REXPanel wireless detector.

A Configuration for Every Radiology Department

Regardless of your need, Canon Medical Systems gives you plenty of options to choose from in making your department more efficient and productive.

Dual Detector

17" x 17" fixed wall stand detector and
17" x 17" fixed table bucky detector.
  • Preferred configuration for hospitals with high volume radiology departments.
  • Maximizes and streamlines productivity.
  • Eliminates the need to repeatedly move detector from wall bucky to table bucky.
  •  272kg table weight limit
  •  Lowers to 500m from the floor
  •  300 kHU X-ray tube
  •  80 kW generator

Mixed Detector

17" x 17" fixed wall stand detector
and 14" x 17" wireless table bucky detector.
  • Dual detector performance with portable detector flexibility
  • Provides the flexibility to do out of bucky exams
  • Maximizes and streamlines workflow and productivity
  • 272kg lbs table weight limit
  • Lowers to 500mm from the floor
  • 300 kHU X-ray tube
  • 80 kW generator

Single Detector

14" x 17" wireless detector to be used
in the wall bucky and table bucky.
  • Competitively priced to fit a tight budget
  • Portable detector allows tabletop procedures, wall bucky work, standing feet and cross-table examinations
  • 272kg table weight limit
  • Lowers to 500mm from the floor
  • 300 kHU X-ray tube
  • 80 kW geerator