Aquilion Serve SP

Delivering clinical results with innovative solutions

As workloads continue to grow and resources remain stretched, the Aquilion Serve SP helps to meet all of your clinical needs by combining Canon Medical AI-enabled Deep Learning Reconstruction technologies with a faster, more efficient workflow experience.

Enjoy an optimized CT scan experience with INSTINX

Built using Canon Medical’s new INSTINX workflow solution, Aquilion Serve SP’s total workflow experience is redesigned from the ground up to set new standards in efficiency and consistency. Every detail of the workflow has been thoroughly refined and validated through clinical testing in medical centers around the world.

Workflow Redesigned

  • Quick patient positioning with features such as gantry touch panels, flared design, and lateral slide
  • Automatic scan planning with intuitive, AI-assisted operations
  • Consistent, high-quality results, regardless of level of operator experience
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Boost Clinical Confidence

  • Fully equipped to perform in high-throughput environments such as trauma or oncology settings, regardless of patient or condition
  • Sharp, clear and distinct images for all body regions with Canon Medical Deep Learning Reconstruction
  • Optimized to provide high-quality lung cancer screening at low dose

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Maximize your investment

  • Quick setup & easy maintenance
  • Minimal training requirements
  • Reduced idle time
  • Eco-friendly design for a green future
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