It’s a Problem that Affects Us All

Cancer is still one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Even today, in our tech-savvy society, challenges such as an ageing population, lifestyle risk factors, and a lack of interventions and effective management strategies are keeping us on the back foot. The need for successful, evidence-based solutions is more palpable than ever.

Together, We Have the Answer

Canon Medical Systems offers a range of smart oncology solutions that support the entire continuum of care – from visualization to diagnosis, treatment and beyond. We’ve found that when the right tools are put into the hands of the experts, incredible things can happen for your patients, your team and your business.

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Live Webinar : Liver Imaging Solutions, Made Possible.

Collaborative Imaging from Canon Medical Systems delivers a complete imaging solution to help optimize precision, increase confidence, streamline workflow and improve patient-centric care across every step of the liver oncology cycle of care. Canon Medical’s imaging systems and applications provide accurate visualization and streamlined workflows to help simplify the complexities of liver oncology.
In this live session with Dr Ravi Bickram Shrestha, Dr. Surachate Siripongsakun of Chulabhorn Cancer Center will elaborate on the non-invasive ultrasound imaging technology that enables clinicians to visualize and characterize liver lesions for confident liver assessment while Dr. Teoh Wey Chyi of Changi General Hospital will discuss the usefulness of CT iodine mapping in liver imaging.