⁠Image Guided Treatment Delivery | Interventional Oncology

Our sophisticated interventional oncology solutions can help you prioritize smart, efficient imaging, while optimizing safety and precision for every procedure.

One room. One system.
Many possibilities.

With a single, streamlined workflow, there’s no longer a need to transfer patients between rooms. Instead, you can now switch seamlessly between CT and angiography for a faster, safer, more comfortable process in one setting.

Alphenix solutions for interventional oncology

Alphenix floor and ceiling-mounted C-arms have been designed to support complex interventional procedures with unprecedented patient access and full-body coverage. Now, with our comprehensive range of planning, imaging chain, and dose management tools, you’ll have everything you need to plan, analyze and deliver the life-enhancing care your patients need.*

*Available on Alphenix workstation and Vitrea

Tumor Assessment with Whole Organ Perfusion

Volume Perfusion Liver*

With the ability to evaluate tumor response or anti-angiogenesis, CT body perfusion has become a valuable clinical tool – especially now that you’ve got 16 cm of z-axis coverage at your disposal.

Liver Perfusion Protocol: DLP = 720.8 mGy.cm, Effective dose = 10.81 mSv (k = 0.015)

*CT Volume perfusion only available with Aquilion ONE

⁠Image Guided Treatment Delivery | CT Fluoroscopy

Volumetric CT Fluoro*

CT Interventional Procedures

Optimize your interventional guidance plans with axial, coronal, sagittal and oblique references.

*Available on Aquilion Prime SP

Organ Effective Modulation

Provide a safer scanning experience for both your team and your patients by limiting the dose to radio-sensitive organs during fluoroscopy procedures.

You can even reduce dose:
  • At specific tube angles
  • For anterior anatomy during a biopsy
  • During routine diagnostic exams

⁠Image Guided Treatment Delivery | Ultrasound

Dedicated transducers and an abundance of imaging and navigation tools help you enhance clinical confidence and accuracy during interventional procedures and their follow-up.

Aplio i-series

Clear Image for Precise Procedures

Canon Medical Systems' flagship ultrasound systems, the Aplio i-series, is designed to deliver outstanding clinical precision with incredible staff productivity. Crystal-clear images, with enhanced resolution and penetration also help you perform accurate biopsies for more detailed treatment delivery guidance.

Enhanced Visualization During Biopsies

Biopsy Enhancement Auto Mode (BEAM)

One-button needle enhancement helps minimize complications while increasing visual accuracy during interventional procedures.
  • Standard on most linear transducers
  • No sacrifice of image quality

Smart Navigation

We’ve created a range of technologies that can help improve your clinical confidence during ultrasound-guided interventional procedures.
  • Displays virtual biopsy lines that correspond with needle positions on the fused live image
  • Improves visualization of the needle tip for up to three biopsy needles
  • Can be used in conjunction with CIVCO’s virtuTRAX for Aplio 500 Platinum and omniTRAX for i-series