See Ultrasound Imaging in a new light

Light your day with Aplio's new iBeam+ technology for a whole new level of diagnostic precision and imaging capability with Aplio i-series / Prism Edition.
Color your world by creating new diagnostic pathways with the abundance of advanced diagnostic and interventional tools provided, and collaborate with other modalities, peers and experts to enhance your productivity and clinical capability.

SGCR2021 : Initial experiences with the Canon Aplio i-series / Prism Edition

Mr. Aaron Fleming from QScan Radiology Clinics, graduated from radiography at Newcastle University, Australia in 2009 and completed a post-graduate diploma in Medical Ultrasound at QUT Brisbane in 2013. Aaron has a special interest in MSK ultrasound borne out of a passion for sport and has presented at various conferences in recent years. In SGCR 2021 Technical session, he has shared his initial experiences with Canon Aplio i-series / Prism Edition.

A complete, customizable solution for every clinical need

A whole new Ultrasound experience

Aplio allows me
to take clinical confidence to
a whole new level

Aplio provides signature imaging quality
and robustness for a wide range of clinical applications.

Smart imaging technology further
enhances clarity, depth and detail.

Next-generation SMI depicts fine flow with
strongly reduced clutter with free breathing.

Ultra Wide View offers an extended field of view
without sacrificing image quality or frame rate.
Aplio lets me tread
new diagnostic pathways with
unmatched efficiency

With a wide range of clinically proven imaging and
quantification tools, Aplio puts you at the forefront
of diagnostic imaging and research.

Aplio provides you with a comprehensive suite of
advanced tools to plan, guide and follow up 
image-guided interventions.

As a high-performance, multipurpose system,
Aplio enables multidisciplinary patient assessment
from a single source.
Aplio's flexibility allows me
to create an efficient
and comfortable workplace

The carefully redesigned user interface
enables a short learning curve for enhanced
confidence and productivity.

Improved automation and standardization make your
exams faster and more efficient.
Even complex tasks are straightforward
and easy to complete.

With the flexible console you can create an ergonomic
workplace to always work in the magic triangle.*


Welcome to the age of AI-assisted imaging

With Canon’s suite of intelligent, forward-thinking technologies it’s now easier than ever to deliver safe, precise diagnosis and treatment to every patient. While Aplio's smart, AI-driven algorithms allow you to create simple and streamlined workflows, they can also help to deliver fast and accurate results for a more personalized treatment of your patients.

Machine Learning applied to expert knowledge
helps me improve clinical outcomes and workflow
efficiency in no time.


Intelligent healthcare made easy

Aplio i-series / Prism Edition provides a whole spectrum of flexible, AI-assisted productivity and imaging functions enabling you to optimize system operation to match your specific requirements with a programmable, context-sensitive user interface, AI-driven single-click smart functions and adjustable workflow protocols.

A perfect match from front to end

Meticulous design - all out of one hand

At Canon we develop, design and manufacture the core imaging components of our industry-leading ultrasound equipment in-house to ensure that soft and hardware work perfectly in sync to provide superior clinical and economic value to our customers and their patients.