High quality and fast
acquisition for
versatile imaging

In Greek mythology, "Atlas" is the god who holds up the sky, symbolizing trust and power. The word "Atlas" also signifies a map, a nautical chart to guide explorers. Our Atlas SPEEDER™ technology suggests valuable diagnostic data that is compiled into a precise map, both detailed and wide in scope. From consistently high image quality to patient-friendly features, Atlas SPEEDER expands the diagnostic world of MRI.

Multichannel support

A multi-channel receiver system acquires MR signals more efficiently by using elements aligned in multiple rows. This excellent receiver capability is an important reason for the high image quality made possible by Atlas SPEEDER™.


High-density elements

The number of coil elements (element density) that can be used simultaneously for the field of view, has been significantly increased. This is how Atlas SPEEDER™ achieves such high in-plane image quality.


Ergonomic element design

Each coil incorporates optimized ergonomic element design in which the elements are aligned in the best way for the patient's body and the size and position of the target structure. Signals are reliably acquired even from deep regions in the body.