High-quality radiography
a most important tool


The Canon Medical Systems RADREX series of general radiography systems boasts superior performance and functions.
The RADREX has been developed to satisfy various needs in general radiography. Depending on the clinical objectives and available space in the examination room, an optimum system can be selected from a lineup ranging from premium systems that froor-to-ceiling basic systems.
  • Various types of X-ray tube support units are available, including the versatile ceiling-suspended type, the general-purpose floor-to-ceiling type.
  • The available X-ray high-voltage generators include compact types that allow greater layout flexibility and easily operable types with anatomical program functions, enabling selection of an optimum generator according to the needs at the site.
  • The Bucky tables are equipped with a reciprocating Bucky device that produces sharp images. Easy-to-use Bucky tables, including a motorized table with a floating tabletop, are available.
  • A wide variety of optional units are also available. These optional units increase the range of examinations that can be performed and further enhance operability.


In today’s radiographic environment, with increasing demands placed on declining resources, Improving performance and productivity is a necessity. That’s why we have designed a new FPD that delivers more power and provides more standard features than any other FPD in its class.