The robust feature your department needs—and patients appreciate.
RexView provides unequaled patient safety with tableside review:

Increase your time with the patient to help enhance patient safety
You no longer have to wait in the control room for images to be displayed
Return to the patient immediately after the exposure
Accept or reject the image at table side
Procedures are shorter, productivity is higher, and patient safety and satisfaction are enhanced.

RexView Overview

Removable Grid and Low Attenuation

RADREX-i systems feature a removable grid and low attenuation tabletop to help regulate and optimize X-ray delivery.

Detector Technology—
CsI and High DQE

RADREX-i flat panel detectors use industry-standard Cesium Iodide (CsI) Scintillator technology that has a high Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE) proven to reduce dose exposure while achieving high-quality diagnostic images.

Reject Reporting

  • Generates report including total exposures, rejected exposures, and percentage
  • Use this report to see why images are being rejected to help improve quality assurance and reduce unnecessary exposures
  • Easily configured to fit clinical requirements
  • Can be exported as a web link or excel file

 Vertical Independent

Offset collimation is provided by an extra independent collimator. This allows for comfortable chin placement during PA chest exams while providing optimized collimation which blocks unnecessary radiation.

Vertical Independent Collimator Demo

Exposure Index

  • Rolling pin is displayed in the control and exam room and uses a color coded system to help find optimal exposure level:
    • Good exposure (green)
    • Underexposed (yellow)
    • Overexposed (red)
  • This histogram is displayed in the control room only
  • The dose display is cumulative for the entire study. * requires optional Diamentor
  • The Diamentor will record patient entrance
  • The detector can calculate detector input dose with the exposure index
  • In the post processing mode, each image contains the individual dose reading for that image

Digital Compensation Filter (DCF)

DCF provides real time enhancement of radiographic images to obtain optimum image quality under the most difficult circumstances.

Low Table Height

Decreases the chance of patient or technologist injury because the table can lower to 19.7" from the floor.

Reliability of RADREX-i for Pediatric

The reliable RADREX-i's user-friendly, automated features and RexView have decreased exam times, improved patient throughput and made exams safer for patients.
"We've found Canon Medical Systems' RADREX-i to be a dependable digital X-ray system that allows us to perform a wide range of exams while making it safe and comfortable for our pediatric patient population."
-Bunny Willis, Manager of Diagnostic Radiology,
Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital