See New Possibilities
Beyond The Image

See what you could not see before. Treat what you could not treat before.

The new Alphenix family of angiography systems deliver images with greater clarity and precision, facilitating better clinical decisions and improving patient outcomes. Combined with industry-leading dose optimization technologies, enhanced workflow and a new set of features, Alphenix continues Canon Medical's commitment to supporting your mission to provide patients with safer, faster and better treatment.

Together, we can redefine what is possible in intervention.
Hi-def images are only available as an option for Alphenix Core+ 12x12 single plane flat panel detector or 12x12 Alphenix Biplane flat panel detector systems.

Enhanced Workflow

Streamlined workflow and unprecedented range of patient access and coverage.

  • Move the system, not the patient. Alphenix provides outstanding patient access from any angle.
  • Greater control at your fingertips. The tableside Alphenix Tablet delivers a faster, more seamless and richer work experience.
  • A feature-rich workstation to boost productivity. The new Alphenix Workstation better integrates applications to help you plan, analyze and perform interventional procedures.

Superior Image Quality

Optimize superior image quality while reducing exposure.

  • Faster and assured visualization with an improved imaging chain. New hardware and software technologies provide you with increased confidence when making clinical decisions.
  • Safely see and deploy complex devices with confidence. Optional hi-def imaging allows you to effortlessly zoom up to 1.5” resolution.
  • Improved imaging chain optimizes dose. During intricate procedures, bring focus to the region of interest without dose penalty.

Dose Management

Industry-leading dose reduction and management tools provide benefits to patients and clinical staff.

  • Advanced hardware offers greater protection for the patient and clinical staff. Reduce patient dose and scatter radiation with asymmetric collimation.
  • Real-time software tools help eliminate unnecessary exposure to minimize dose and improve workflow.
  • Live exposure dose tracking supports your commitment to patient safety. Enhanced dose tracking tools allow real-time peak skin dose monitoring and archiving.

Smart Investment

A smarter investment that delivers efficiencies in cost and productivity while minimizing the impact on the environment.

  • Whatever your clinical needs, versatile space-saving configurations make refitting existing suites an economical option.
  • Lower energy consumption, flexible upgrade options and industry-recognized customer service, help you get the best out the system once installed.
  • Improvements in functionality, speed and workflow efficiency boost system utilization and productivity.