Utilize advanced technology to
boost clinical confidence

With advanced new hardware delivering stable and reliable imaging, Vantage Orian enhances confidence. With a Gmax1 of 45mT/m and SR2 200mT/m/msec achieve enhanced signal to noise and high-resolution imaging for advanced MR examinations such as Cardiac, Neuro and Angiography.

1 Gmax : Maximum Gradient amplitude
2 SR : Maximum Slew rate

Consistent imaging

Be a leader of MR imaging and be confident that you are offering the best 1.5T MRI patient technology available. With new and migrated PURERF and Saturn technology, Vantage Orian delivers stable and consistent imaging performance from patient to patient, across body regions and through a range of advanced applications.


With adaptive noise cancellation PURERF Rx technology employs a proprietary algorithm and reduces noise at the source. The result is an increase in SNR up to 38% and enhanced image quality.

Saturn Technology

Our unique Saturn Technology provides a more consistent image quality through increased gradient stability and precise center frequency control.

Compared with a conventional structure, Saturn Technology's high pressure molding produces less signal blur and provides crisper images, while the heat insulate coating suppress temperature increases under high loads, leading to more stable image quality over a longer period.

Quick and consistent imaging

WFS3 DIXON (FSE2D) achieves consistent fat suppression and homogeneity while acquiring four different tissue contrasts in one scan, reducing your scan time by half.

3 WFS: Water Fat Separation

Consistent imaging

Vantage Orian redefines clinical confidence with excellent image consistency imaging across all procedures. Achieve excellent MRI diagnostic services with high quality and stable output, improving outcomes for your patients and your business.