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Barça Innovation Hub and Canon Medical present Global Sports Medicine Forum 2019

On 26th of October 2019, Canon Medical invited key experts in the field to share their thoughts on how medical imaging can support the health and wellbeing of elite athletes.

Leading the charge was renowned sports medicine physician, Dr. Gil Rodas Font from FC Barcelona’s Department of Knowledge and Innovation.  He, along with Prof. Kumai and Dr. Iriarte, performed a range of live scans to demonstrate how imaging modalities can transform the prevention and treatment of sports injuries.

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FC Barcelona unveils one of the most powerful magnetic resonance systems on the market

The FC Barcelona Medical Centre has, as a result of its agreement with Canon Medical Europe, some of the finest technology in the field of sports diagnosis. And now the facilities went one step further with the installation of a 3 Tesla nuclear magnetic resonance machine, the most powerful device produced by the Japanese medical technology firm. It will be used to diagnose muscle and bone injuries in athletes at greater speed and accuracy levels than ever.
The system will be operated by staff from Assistència Sanitària which, like Toshiba, is also an FC Barcelona sponsor, and will be used for the diagnosis, treatment and rehab of both professional and amateur athletes. Since the agreement with the football club was signed, Toshiba has already provided thirteen echography systems to the clubís medical services. Assistència Sanitària insurance policy holders will also be able to use the new machine, located in the Medical Centre at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper training ground.

Canon Medical’s New Ultrasound Advances Elite Sports Medicine at ‘Stade Toulousain’ Rugby Club in France

Canon Medical is sponsoring the ‘Stade Toulousain’ rugby union club from Toulouse in France – one of the best rugby clubs in the world - with a Canon Medical Aplio i800 ultrasound system.

With the state-of-the-art ultrasound system installed at the club’s training center, it will have new possibilities to diagnose and treat any musculotendinous or osteoarticular injuries that their players might incur.

The Aplio i800 ultrasound system will help to enhance injured players rehabilitation programs. Its advanced technological capabilities will help ensure that healing is complete before players return to the field.

The system is also attracting the interest of many global specialists, and positions the Stade Toulousain’ rugby union club as a global center of expertise in Elite Sport Medicine.

Image Caption: Dr. Philippe Izard, Club Doctor at Stade Toulousain rugby union club.

Canon Medical Supports Major Global Sports Events in France

Canon Medical sponsors a ‘Mobile Medical Center’ for several top level, global, sporting events including the Dakar Rally, Tour de France, African Cup of Nations and BMX European Cup.

Equipped with the Canon Medical CT ‘Activion 16’ and soon also with an Aplio Ultrasound system, the mobile medical center carried out more than 3,000 radiographs and more than 250 Ultrasound scans during events in 2016.

State-of-the-art diagnostic imaging in sports medicine

About the strategic partnership with The Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre (AWRC)

Last year Toshiba announced a strategic partnership with The Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre in Sheffield, United Kingdom. The partnership will see Toshiba providing state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging equipment and wearable biosensors as well as ongoing consultancy with regard to application innovation and development for AWRC applied research.

Much of the research expertise will come from research teams that helped the Great Brittan Olympic Team achieve 24 medals in London 2012 and will integrate into the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine that seeks to improve people’s lives through physical activity.

Toshiba will also supply World class diagnostic imaging equipment including its Aquilion ONE™ dynamic volume CT system, which will allow researchers to successfully collect images of athletes’ and patients’ entire organs in one rotation. The imaging equipment comes with dynamic volumetric acquisition protocols that can be used to review moving joint structures in 3D, as well as dynamic blood or air flow that will see Toshiba consultants partnering with AWRC researchers to develop applications and best practice guidelines regarding the early diagnosis, improved rehabilitation and preventative care for those that are exercising both at elite athlete level and for the local community and wider public.

Professor Steve Haake, AWRC Director, comments: “We are delighted that Toshiba has become AWRC’s first industry partner joining Government’s backing. Media articles about overweight children, rising levels of obesity and diabetes appear in a newspaper almost every day. Most recently the World Health Organisation reported that nearly three quarters of men and two thirds of women in the United Kingdom will be overweight by 20201. That’s less than 5 years away!

“Sedentary behaviour and a stream of rich food can lead to all sorts of problems appearing in our lives as chronic disease. This was highlighted by a 2011 report for the Department of Health, which showed that increasing physical activity could reduce the risk of type II diabetes and colon cancer by up to 50%, heart disease and stroke by up to 35%, depression by 30% and the other scourge of our day, Alzheimer’s disease, by 30%.

“With these statistics and predictions in mind, the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre has been set up to become the most advanced research and development centre for physical activity in the world, creating ‘innovations that help people move‘ in sport, healthcare, physical activity and leisure“.

Acting as a hothouse of innovation, the AWRC will bring together a set of industry partners who manufacture and supply technology and equipment including apps, activity loggers, sports equipment, orthotics, and clinical devices. The main focus of the AWRC research and innovation will be on how technology is used, how people interact with technology that helps them become more physically active, and how improvements in physical health are captured and monitored in order to provide an evidence base regarding the positive impact of physical activity on health.

Projects will aim to find out what works in large populations, initially using the population of Sheffield as a field laboratory. Additionally, the AWRC is set to become a critical assistance partner for the National Health Service by providing an evidence base that proves the positive impact of exercise on the health of the population in the United Kingdom.

Mark Hitchman, Canon Medical’s UK Managing Director comments: “Our partnership with AWRC forms a critical part of Toshiba’s strategy to invest and partner in research projects that will have considerable benefits to NHS efforts and the population in the United Kingdom at large.

“AWRC will target wide swathes of the population, from those who are completely sedentary to those who are most active; from young to old; from those in the most deprived communities to those in the most affluent; from those at home to those in work, in education or in elite sport.

“Toshiba’s imaging equipment and exercise monitors will play a crucial role in identifying and understanding the positive effects of exercise on health, whilst helping to provide accurate diagnoses and recovery paths for those that are injured.“

As well as the AWRC, Toshiba’s radiology equipment is powering not just some of the leading medical institutions, but also some of the World’s leading sports organisations and community-based sports facilities such as Manchester United Football Club, FC Barcelona, Barnet Football Club, The Tessa Sanderson Foundation and Academy and the recently held 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

  2. Start Active Stay Active. Varney, Brannan and Aaltonen, 2011. Department of Health.

Canon Medical UK announced the UK’s first of its kind medical imaging Academy at Barnet FC

Canon Medical and Barnet FC bring world class radiology equipment and services to elite athletes, radiology professionals and the local community through an advanced medical centre and Medical Imaging Academy based at The Hive. Canon Medical and Barnet Football Club are developing an advanced medical centre that will provide elite footballers, athletes and the wider community with world class radiology equipment and access to faster treatment options from Barnet FC’s facilities at The Hive. At the same time, the new medical centre will house the UK’s first integrated Medical Imaging Academy for radiology professionals, run by Canon Medical. It will be the first of its kind in the UK, providing the medical community with a centre of excellence for radiology education, including CT, MRI, Ultrasound and general X-Ray equipment and clinical applications.

Tessa Sanderson Foundation and Academy joined forces in 2016 with Homerton University Hospital, the Sir Ludwig Guttmann Health and Wellbeing Centre and Canon Medical

In 2016 Canon Medical UK announced the launch of a formal partnership between the Tessa Sanderson Foundation and Academy (TSFA), Homerton Hospital and the Sir Ludwig Guttman Health and Wellbeing Centre. The partnership sees sports injury and musculoskeletal specialists from two nationally-renowned centres of sports medicine excellence using state-of-the-art medical imaging technology within a sports foundation to manage athletes’ health and wellbeing.