Vitrea Vision

Vitrea Vision is built on Canon Medical’s rich history in Advanced visualization, including Vital Image’s 30-year legacy & Olea Medical’s 10 year legacy in multi-modality technology. We are a pioneer in this field, proudly continuing to deliver innovative imaging analysis and viewing solutions.

Through our years of experience, we have developed a modular viewing platform that can be configured to meet the unique viewing needs of all users, providing access to required images from across your enterprise anytime, anywhere.

The Vitrea Vision family of products is designed to streamline image viewing workflows, enhance collaboration, increase diagnostic accuracy and provide significant cost reduction.

Vitrea Vision

Vitrea Advanced Visualization

Full-powered Solutions for 2D, 3D and 4D

Vitrea software is a multi-modality advanced visualization system providing comprehensive applications in a variety of IT environments.

Multi-modality applications enhance diagnostic confidence across the organization. By providing access to advanced clinical tools, Vitrea software enables physicians to have meaningful interactions wherever they are.

Advanced imaging tools, such as in-suite 3D viewing and automated measurements, facilitate improved clinical outcomes with powerful applications, streamlined partner integrations and clinical solutions and workflows tailored to your needs.

Vitrea Vision

Vitrea Advanced Visualization Benefits

Intuitive Design

Intuitive user interface with a dark color scheme designed for viewing in the reading room.

Clinical Outcomes

Facilitates improved clinical outcomes with powerful clinical workflows and superior partner applications seamlessly integrated into Vitrea Advanced Visualization.

Improved Workflow

Increased efficiency with consistent user protocols and experience across all modalities.

IT Efficiency

Easy to deploy thin client solution does not require specialized software to be resident on client computers.

Vitrea Vision

Vitrea Advanced Visualization Deployments


A one user, intuitive, multi-modality workstation increases productivity helping to optimize the time and resources needed to produce clinical results.


A three-user, multi-modality solution that increases your department workflow with a cost-effective alternative to enterprise integration, all with minimal IT impact.


An enterprise-wide advanced visualization solution provides scalable thin client access to multi-modality clinical solutions anywhere in your medical enterprise.
  • Enterprise Single Server
  • A new configuration for the Vitrea Advanced Visualization enterprise deployment. Vitrea enterprise single server is a server based solution for six concurrent users (CCU). It is available as a workgroup or domain deployment with PACS integration support for domain environments only.

Vitrea Intelligence

Improve Your Imaging Practice with Real-time Business Intelligence

Imaging businesses recognize the need to hold the line on costs and realize greater business efficiencies. As a healthcare business leader, real-time access to the financial, clinical and operational data you need remains a challenge with data locked into proprietary systems across the enterprise. What the business side of healthcare must do is evolve, in lockstep with its provider partners, to a model of evidence-based management, using real-time business intelligence.

Vitrea Intelligence's suite of applications helps imaging leaders run their businesses more efficiently and profitably while ensuring the delivery of quality patient care.

Vitrea Intelligence

Practice Management

The Practice Management module makes running your imaging business easier by allowing you to make informed business decisions. We reveal the information you need to strategically manage your organization, as well as your referring physician base, and help you enhance your exam revenue stream.

Operational Benefits

  • Manage your entire organization
  • Gain an integrated view into operational, financial, and clinical data in real time
  • Obtain access to critical data

Clinical Benefits

  • Manage and optimize modality throughput
  • Search clincial reports by keyword
  • Visualize patient waits in real-time
  • Better manage sites, departments, and resources
  • Leverage KPIs to propagate best practices

IT Benefits

  • Enable easy end-user interaction with data visualization
  • Free your IT resources from report generation tasks with user access to data
  • Leverage standard communication protocols such as HL7 and DICOM
  • Support enterprise data warehouse integration
  • Acquire a scalable solution that grows with your organization

Vitrea Intelligence

Opportunity Navigator

Improve Your Imaging Practice with Real-time Business Intelligence

Running a profitable imaging business in today's complex healthcare environment can be challenging. Adjusting to the demands of value-based reimbursement models and declining margins calls for a data-driven approach to managing your bottom-line.

Existing analytics products present historical data to users and help them visualize information to infer future trends and make corresponding business decisions. Opportunity Navigator goes further by combining your operational and financial data and then presenting a menu of financial "opportunities" that might be realized by taking specific actions to increase revenues or avoid costs.

Opportunity Navigator recommends specific actions to take towards achieving financial objectives and provides actionable information to help you get there.

Operational benefits

  • Proactively identify revenue and cost saving opportunities
  • Receive customized data to support achieving revenue targets
  • Gain access to operational and financial data
  • Analyze resources affecting business performance

Clinical benefits

  • Manage and optimize modality throughput
  • Reduce variation in exam performance
  • Identify opportunities to standardize clinical workflow
  • Improve operations associated with specific ICD-10 diagnostic codes

IT benefits

  • Enable easy end-user interaction with data visualization
  • Gain access to data and free IT resources from report generation tasks
  • Leverage standard communications protocols such as HL7 and DICOM
  • Support enterprise data warehouse integration
  • Acquire a scalable solution that grows with your organization

Vitrea is a registered mark in the US and may have protection in other countries.

Vitrea® Connection

Our experience tells us that the patient story is never complete.

Often unseen by the clinician, Vitrea Connection is the foundation upon which our visualization and resource planning solutions excel. It is the engine that constantly renews and refreshes all the relevant information from disparate sources in real-time and seamlessly delivers it to the applications at the point of care. You stay connected to the ever-changing patient story, able to make effective decisions and improve patient care because you have the longitudinal view of the patient record.

A next generation VNA, Vitrea Connection offers a flexible, service-oriented architecture:

  • Support a variety of deployment scenarios targeting multi-site, multi-PACS environments at a departmental, enterprise, regional or national scale
  • Deliver patient-centric orchestration of multiple data types — DICOM and Non-DICOM — contained in other systems, allowing you to leverage your existing investments while immediately improving workflow and interoperability
  • Facilitate a progressive migration and replacement strategy en route to a consolidated solution, avoiding costly data migrations
  • Provide massive, horizontal scalability to quickly expand storage without downtime as you grow your solution
  • Leverage open standards based for maximum interoperability
  • Simplify business continuance and disaster recovery plans

Vitrea Vision

Vitrea View*

The patient record is quickly becoming a visual array of a wide variety of image types, often stored in disparate systems across your enterprise.

Vitrea View is a DICOMweb-enabled enterprise viewing solution for the intuitive presentation of DICOM and multi-media images which supports planning and treatment by delivering access to relevant images at the point of care from a browser on a desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Vitrea View image-enables your EMR, allowing image access directly from the patient record.

*Vitrea View is not intended for diagnostic use when accessed from a mobile device.

Vitrea Vision

Vitrea View Benefits

Improves accessibility and decision making

Single sign-on enables authorized users secure and easy access to consolidated imaging information. This facilitates collaboration and improved decision making

Improves efficiency

Decreases repeat imaging and radiation exposure of patients caused by lack of access to relevant prior images across the enterprise.

Intuitive Design

Allows users to realize the full benefits of use with minimal training.

Related studies

Aggregates all patient image data into a single workflow with or without a VNA.

Improves patient care

Point of care delivery of imaging information allows clinicians to easily share images and review results with patients.

Vitrea Vision


As the quantity and content of imaging studies rapidly increases, it becomes challenging to optimally present the information necessary to the radiologist to efficiently answer the clinical question at hand.

Easily integrated with existing image repositories, EasyViz allows for seamless access to distributed imaging data, facilitating the subspecialty reading workflow and interactive, real-time session collaboration that support improved patient care.

The customizable diagnostic toolset and hanging protocols provide each radiologist with a fast, reliable and highly contextualized viewing experience that is consistent regardless of device or location.

Adaptive streaming technology reduces network traffic and cost while maintaining high image reading performance and efficiency.

EasyViz is a full-fidelity, diagnostic viewer available in thick and thin deployment options featuring intuitive functionality:

  • Advanced hanging protocols, including support for mammography
  • Full range of 2D and 3D diagnostic tools
  • Patient Study Browser synchronized with image display
  • Intelligent management of relevant priors
  • Customizable toolbars, menus and shortcuts
  • Support for interrupted workflow and real-time session collaboration
  • Browser download for simple installation
  • Third party worklist management and reporting tools integration