Deep Learning Spectral

A fully integrated end-to-end spectral workflow

The Aquilion ONE / PRISM Edition harnesses the temporal benefits of rapid kV switching with patient specific mA modulation and combines them with a Deep Learning reconstruction that delivers excellent energy separation and low-noise properties.

What’s more, its fully integrated end-to-end workflow is easy to use and can be conveniently incorporated into your routine protocols.
Deep Learning Spectral CT
– Faster, easier and more intelligent

Kirsten Boedeker, PhD, DABR, Senior Manager, Medical Physics*1
Mariette Hayes, Global CT Education Specialist, Healthcare IT*1
Jian Zhou, Senior Principal Scientist*2
Ruoqiao Zhang, Scientist*2
Zhou Yu, Manager, CT Physics and Reconstruction*2

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*1 Canon Medical Systems Corporation
*2 Canon Medical Research USA

New spectral applications integrated with the Aquilion ONE / PRISM Edition

Images can be delivered directly to your reading station, and with our range of new Vitrea™ applications, you can easily analyze comprehensive spectral data, including quantification and multi-layered images for a more detailed and definitive diagnosis.

Smartly developed, these applications provide a seamless solution from scan to diagnosis, and are scalable from a single workstation to a hospital-wide network, including PACS integration.

Vitrea Advanced Visualization *

Expand your spectrum with our latest healthcare IT solutions

Review Spectral data quickly and easily with a range of applications that simplify your workflow and provide clinically relevant features and outputs for every patient.

  • Create effective monochromatic images for 101 energy levels ranging from 35 keV to 135 keV.
  • View quantitative color-coded iodine distribution maps that show the iodine uptake in anatomical structures.
  • Characterize and differentiate tissue with detailed Z and Electron density information at your fingertips.
  • Differentiate between uric acid and non-uric acid urinary stones to make better-informed treatment decisions.
  • Visualize and quantify the presence of monosodium urate in anatomical structures.

* Vitrea is available as an option.