Enhanced clinical flexibility with
proven technology

The Surginix is the perfect C-arm solution. It brings the highest level of performance in to your environment. Improved engineering has provided a user friendly design with no compromise for image quality, image acquisition techniques and dose management.
The Surginix also comes as standard with a full range of advanced functions. An ergonomically friendly touch panel control, laser guide for easy positioning and easy viewing during clinical procedures.
Canon Medical Systems Surginix gives you the best workflow with the state of the art image quality that will enhance the current performance in your environment.

High resolution image and Smart Operation Ability

Large-capacity high-voltage generator
The inverter-type high-voltage generator enables a high X-ray tube output and thus allows fluoroscopy to be performed for large patients too.
A 1K × 1K CCD camera is incorporated
A CCD camera with a high-modulation factor and a high contrast/MTF I.I. are incorporated, providing sharp images with high-contrast.
Advanced applications
DSA (Digital subtraction) is equipped as standard configuration.
DICOM compatibility
This system is compatible with DICOM 3.0.
External storage of image
Images can be stored on DVD/CD/USB storage devices.

Easy to use

Touch Screen and LCD Display
The intuitive design allows new users to operate the system with confidence.
Laser Marking Device
The high brightness laser pointer allows precise alignment, reduces unnecessary radiation exposure, and aids in tracking the region of interest.
Smart Cable Guard
The Wheels are fitted with our Smart Cable Guard. This eliminates cable disconnections whilst still being able to pass over smaller obstacles.

Two LCD monitors as standard

Two LCD monitors are provided on the monitor cart, live images on the left monitor and reference images on the right monitor.